Future Plan

Since the country's economic measures show continuous improvement, to keep up with such progression, organisations identify the requirement to place the correct plan to keep the most vulnerable and disadvantaged moving together with the country, which is no doubt a challenge, but timely action will help to cope with the wave.

The next five-year programme:

Our target is to expand our services by reaching out and gaining access to disadvantaged people in most parts of the country, and we will maximise the opportunities as per the resources available, which include.

Supporting urgent financial aid to mitigate basic needs during this global pandemic for the identified special needs people and raising social awareness on love and care for special needs people social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities Advocate and educate on the need for tailored, reasonable, and quality basic services for people living in poverty to ensure a safe, affordable, and quality life

  • * Construct hospitals for healthcare
  • * Building quality schools for all