On-going Work Projects

We are working in many countries in the world where countries are on the brink of famine

In Bangladesh, we are actively involved in giving out essentials, health safety items, and food packages to the disabled, blind, autistic, homeless, and most vulnerable, uneducated, deprived, and impoverished.

In the education sector, we have extended our hands to hundreds of students, made their school fees completely free, supported educational tools, and undertaken many students' yearly educational responsibilities.

Health sector: we have already opened up free medical facilities for all sorts of people to get access to health care facilities in our main office with the supply of adequate medicines for the needy and appointed MBBS doctors to take care of and look after hundreds of people taking advantage of the advantages monthly, which is a milestone for creating a sound and healthy community.

Besides the above facilities, the Foundation has undertaken full medical treatment expenses for many poor patients to date

Supply of wheelchairs and artificial organs and equipment: The foundation is also in the field of changing disabled people’s lives and empowering their mobility by donating wheelchairs and arranging artificial organs and equipment.

Education sector: access to quality and inclusive education is the foundation for sustainable development and a more equitable world. In response to the scarcity and inequality of education, we are determined to use best practices to power up and light up lives full of hope.

The poverty cycle runs rampant in rural areas, and their youth grow up in underfunded schools and underpaid teachers, eventually receiving adequate education that places them miles behind urban students. To unleash the potential of rural youths, we have run many programmes.